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Online safety and privacy services - TRUSTe

Online safety and privacy services - TRUSTe

Many visitors but very few buyers?

Consumer confidence is one of the greatest factors affecting online sales and your bottom line.

Your advertising and marketing efforts are design to drive users to your website and may be very effective at that, however, once potential clients arrive to your website do they feel comfortable enough to place their order online?

Consumer trust and privacy concerns are very common and may cause your potential clients to look elsewhere for products or services. Addressing these concerns will make an impact on your online sales.

Increase your web sales with TRUSTe privacy seals.

TRUSTe Privacy Policy- Boost online Sales


Since 1997, TRUSTe privacy seals help thousands of businesses promote online safety and trust, and guide consumers to Web sites that protect their privacy online. TRUSTe seals Increase ecommerce website sales, and average order value, TRUSTe helps customers shop online with confidence. Third party validated testing is showing that the TRUSTe seal is increasing sales and order value for ecommerce merchants.

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Who is using TRUSTe?

TRUSTe seals boost consumer confidence and contribut to higher sales for ecommerce merchants such as:,,,,, and many others.

Customers who trust you buy more.


Your Purchase Includes:

  • TRUSTe Verified Seal
  • Privacy Scanning
  • Dispute Resolution Program
  • Privacy Policy Generator

How much does it cost?



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