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Domain Name Research
Searching for the right name? Want to find out domain ownership, history? Want to find out what other domains they own? Find this information and more with Domain Name Research

Domain Name Research 

Finding the right name

Finding the right name for your website can take time, the possibilities are endless but finding a good name is getting harder and harder. Domain name research can help you find quality domain names for your business. Once a domain name is located our team can help you secure that domain by either registering it in your name if it is available, in some cases your desired domain name may already be registered and used by another person or organization, our team can help you find alternatives names if the domain you are interested in is already taken. It can also inquire with the domain owner in your name about purchasing the domain name.  

Domain information research

Ever wondered who is behind a website, a domain name? Using our service you would be able to find out not only who owns the domain name but also other valuable information, such as, the domain age, ownership history and more.  

Protecting your assets

Trade marks are a good way of creating unique recognizable identities that help promote your business, many times these trademarks are used by people or organizations either unaware of your ownership rights or intentionally. When used in bad fate, your name or trade marks can cause damage to your company’s name and reputation. Discovering it can sometimes be too late. Wouldn’t you like to know when someone is using your name or trademark? Trademark protection alerts will notify you each time your name is used on the internet either as a domain name or in website content.


Domain name research service includes the following:


Find your domain name:

  • Domain name availability search (single/bulk)
  • Domain name alternatives research 


Inquire about a domain name:


Acquire premium domain names:

  • Domain backorder
  • Domain monitoring
  • Domain acquisition


Protect your assets:

  • Trademark protection alerts 


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